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Moving Tips

If regular movers carry piano moving equipment and have a lot of experience in moving & transporting pianos, then the answer is yes. Otherwise, the answer is no. Typically, customers hire a professional piano mover to handle their instrument in addition to furniture movers when relocating. Because a transport of a piano or organ requires professionals who specialize in just that pacific subject. Piano movers do a better job compared to regular movers.

How much does it cost to move a player piano?

Player pianos are typically heavier than acoustic ones and require more manpower. Therefore, their moving cost will be typically $50-$200 higher depending on whether it’s an upright, grand piano, organ. Also, What the moving distance is, and how many stairs there are in total. A piano mover can also come to your location, which is your home, storage, business any and every where there is a piano move.

Is it OK to move a piano yourself?

Not recommended; A piano is a rather large, bulky item; needs more then yourself to levitate. For generations it can and has been done before. Without piano moving services might expect some damage, if not professional then. Typically, customers hire professional piano moving companies to transport their instrument for safety reasons. Piano movers, usually care insure & workers compensation in event possible, accident. An organ moving company is completely necessary to transport or service your storage needs services.

How to protect my wooden floors from piano damage?

By calling piano movers who have experience relocating pianos. By keeping the piano stationary in what know as caster cups. Moving equipment such as a rubber wheeled dolly can avoid damage to wooden floors.

How do you deliver a piano?

On a dolly for local or off a dolly for long distance; while in transport vehicle. Strapped to the wall with at least three 3000-pound heavy duty ratchet straps or tie downs. Companies usually deliver with a strategy, from point A to point B. Movers communicate with each other for safety & or protection. To Knowledge your location, informing by gps of arrive times to all co parties. Movers should have proper equipment for all unexpected events to which may for come. For companies or individuals, insurance is required, to better differ event of possibly damage of any occurrence.

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