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Our Services

Our piano moving company serves to bring enthusiasm and gratitude for voicing (pitch of a note) of a piano forecasted to a crowd. Through amazing live concerts, festivals, competitions, education, outreach, and public broadcasts.


Local Piano Moving

Our company has a sizable inventory of the appropriate moving tools and equipment to optimize the loading and delivery process transporting pianos no matter their types, sizes & styles whether they're uprights, grands, digitals, players, harpsichords or organs.  The cost to move a piano depends on determining the size of the instrument, mileage and stairs. Usually, customers compare nearby rates of other piano movers.

Long Distance Piano Moving

We will go to California, Iowa, New York, Anywhere we can drive your piano safely to! 

Our Piano Storage
Pianos For Disposal & Donation.

Storage Services

Finding storage is important to protect your piano you love from damage today. Trust us, that piano has been in the family for generations to call our storage at 833PianoUS.

Disposal & Donation Services

Uprights, organs, players, baby grands, or grand pianos, our junk removal services will eliminate a broken piano or it's musical unwanted items. Basement or the attic, third floor or top level a haul process beginning with details of its environment of its location.

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