Piano Moving

Local Piano Moving
Don’t let it deceive you. A local piano move can be just as precarious as a long-distance haul. The challenges can stem from narrow staircases to twisting hallways and everything else in-between. Whether you need transport to a new church, concert venue, or multiple-story home, our piano moving partners significantly reduce the chance of any issues arising during the secure delivery of your precious instrument.


Long Distance Piano Moving
Finding a company you can fully trust with your long distance piano move is crucial. There are two major steps to this type of relocation – safe transport and secure move-in process – and both need to be executed with precision. Professional piano movers takes the guesswork out of selecting a dependable piano moving outfit. Contact us today!


Piano Disassembly
Depending on your piano, you might need a disassembly service. This added option is typically reserved for grand pianos, which tend to need items like legs, piano lid, lyre, and more to be expertly removed, wrapped, and transported. In general, uprights do not require this additional step.


Piano Reassembly
Since your piano is a delicate and intricate item, you want to ensure proper reassembly at its new home. It’s not a great feeling when something looks or feels off after reassembly. Our piano pros ensure a dependable service so that all you have to do is retune and play to your heart’s content.


We pride ourselves in being the best piano movers in! Moving a piano is extremely challenging. It’s not all about brute strength, but rather, more about having the proper equipment and skills needed to safely and effectively move such a heavy piece of equipment. We have the skills and experience needed to move your piano safely.

Here are some reasons why you should choose us to move your piano:

  • We have all of the equipment necessary for a safe move.

  • We are fully insured.

  • We have experience with moving all sizes of pianos, in all sorts of locations, no matter how challenging!

  • We have an excellent safety record!

  • We do in town moves as well as long distance moves.

  • We can store your piano if necessary, and can also provide professionals for piano tuning.

  • We work on your schedule!

  • We have very reasonable rates.

  • You’ll find that we are really great guys – hard working, energetic and fun. Just check out our testimonials!

To get a piano moving quote, please click to call us on your phone: 7736408550

Get A Quote for a Piano Moving Service

There are several questions we need to ask before we can provide you with a quote for moving your piano. These questions allow us to provide you with the most competitive piano transport quote and also ensure that we are best prepared to safely carry out the job that you need us to do. We will struggle to carry out the piano removal and transport to the best of our ability without the below information. Please have the relevant information ready before calling or include answers to the questions below in your message.

Information that we will need to give you the best piano removal quote:

For a quick piano transport quote please complete the form below Or.....

  1. What is the type of piano? Is it a grand piano or an upright piano?

  2. If it is a Grand Piano, please specify the dimensions.

  3. What is the collection postcode?

  4. What is the delivery postcode?

  5. Are there any stairs? If yes how many flights/steps/turns at both locations?

  6. Are there any other restrictions? If yes please specify.

  7. Any additional information you feel we may need to know.

  EMAIL: pianomovingworld@gmail.com