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Piano Moving World

Piano Moving World LLC has gained over a 100 reviews in the last year.

They have professional piano movers. Who cater to a concert grand piano,

upright piano, baby grand piano, up to six movers specialty moving services.

A full service carrier, climate controlled trucks, local and long distance piano

moving services. Not to exceed pricing this company is very competitive in

local service offerings professional piano movers.

Our Moving Process









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Our Quality Guarantee

 Our organization to be a conglomerate, from Chicago to Lithuania, & across the world. Why we adopted the slogan world behind piano moving and then world. Check out our vasa inventory, full of the most precious pianos across the globe. We adopted a innovative business structure, to create a more creative and communicative work environment. People would feel more like they are a part of the organization and that their opinion matters. 

Employment | Great Piano Movers in USA

Meet the Business Owner


Introduction: A Symphony of Precision and Care

Embarking on a monumental journey on October 24, 2018, Piano Moving World etched its name in the annals of piano transportation history. With deep roots extending back to the renowned Forest Movers, Inc., established in 1945, our founder, Garret Reximillian Reuter, envisioned creating an institution synonymous with excellence, precision, and unparalleled care in the world of piano moving.


Genesis and Transformation

Situated in the heartland of Iowa, Piano Moving World LLC emerged as a beacon of innovation and dedication in the piano moving industry. Initially armed with the basic essentials of a U-Haul and a truck, our journey began with a resolute vision of growth, expansion, and setting new benchmarks in piano moving services.


Our Present: A Beacon of Unparalleled Service

As of today, Piano Moving World stands proud, epitomizing the zenith of skill, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence in piano transportation. We provide a plethora of piano moving services, distinguished by our unwavering commitment to transparency, dependability, and an exceptional standard of care for every musical instrument entrusted to us. Our transparent, obligation-free estimates ensure that each client is empowered with knowledge and confidence when selecting our services.


Philosophy and Global Reach: A Tapestry of Musical Connections

Embodying the ethos "Mastering Piano Moving and Beyond," Piano Moving World has distinguished itself as a leader in the industry, devoted to redefining the standards of piano moving while leaving an indelible mark on the global stage. From the vibrant energy of Chicago to the historic landscapes of Lithuania, we extend our services across continents, seamlessly connecting worlds through the power of music.


Vasa Inventory: A Curated Collection of Masterpieces

Our Vasa inventory stands as a testament to our dedication to the preservation and celebration of musical heritage. It encompasses a breathtaking array of the world’s most esteemed pianos, each instrument a relic of musical history, exquisite craftsmanship, and artistic excellence, preserved for the admiration and enjoyment of future generations.


Visionary Leadership and Culture of Innovation

Under the visionary guidance of Garret Reuter, Piano Moving World fosters a culture that champions innovation, collaboration, and creative expression. We empower our team members to be an integral part of our journey, ensuring their voices are heard, and their contributions play a vital role in our collective success. This forward-thinking philosophy is the cornerstone of our operational excellence and positions us as trailblazers in the piano moving sector.


Logistics Mastery and International Prowess

Our comprehensive expertise in piano logistics spans local and international domains, ensuring that every piano, regardless of its type or size, is handled with precision and care. Our climate-controlled trucks and extensive array of specialized tools guarantee the safe and efficient transportation of a wide variety of pianos, from grand and upright pianos to digital and player pianos, along with harpsichords and organs.


Dedication to Safety and Excellence

Every piano in our care is treated with the reverence it deserves, ensuring its safety, integrity, and pristine condition throughout the moving process. We understand the sentimental and financial value attached to these magnificent instruments, and we are steadfast in our commitment to their preservation.


Engage With Us: Your Trusted Partner in Piano Moving

Embark on a journey of excellence and trust with Piano Moving World. Whether your piano’s journey is a short local move or an international voyage, we are here to ensure its safety, security, and successful relocation. Become a part of our global family of musicians and piano enthusiasts today, and experience the unparalleled difference of Piano Moving World.


In Closing: Celebrating Your Musical Journey

Opting for Piano Moving World is choosing a partner that echoes your passion for music, precision, and excellence. We are more than just a moving service; we are a community of experts dedicated to ensuring your piano’s journey is a harmonious and triumphant experience. Embrace the difference today, and let us accompany you and your piano in creating beautiful melodies across the globe.

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