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 Walt Disney Nickelodeon | Piano Moving World's Trailer

Walt Disney Nickelodeon | Piano Moving World's Trailer

Piano Moving Services | Global-Empire

Piano Moving World LLC is your premier destination for all piano-related services in your vicinity. If you've ever found yourself searching for "piano and organ movers near me" or "piano movers near me," you've come to the right place. Our specialized piano moving trailer, combined with our dedicated team, ensures a safe and efficient transport. Wondering about the "piano removal cost"? We offer competitive rates along with piano removal services that cater to all your needs. Additionally, for those challenging relocations, our stair ramp for moving pianos proves invaluable. Beyond moving, we provide secure piano storage near me and have a selection of piano moving boards for sale. Whether you're buying, moving, or storing, trust Piano Moving World for excellence.

Proper preparation of body position to push piano up the stairs from our piano storage.
  •        "Whether you're searching for 'piano movers near me' or need expert assistance with 'piano or organ service up and down the stairs', our team specializes in stair ramp solutions, ensuring safe and efficient relocation every time."

Piano storage moving is all about clear communication & team work.
  •  "When seeking 'best piano movers near me' for a flawless transition of pianos from one room to another inside your residence, our highly-rated team stands out with unmatched in-home piano relocation expertise and top-tier service."

Our team even has women at our piano storage in ,il.
  •  Searching For Piano Storage Trust, We Got You Covered

  • Disposal services are you looking for them or to donate?

Piano storage is quick and fast with professional piano movers near me.
  •    Pianos for sell, explore our gallery used & new.

One day notice for move, no problem honest and accurate quotes even for piano storage.

"Our company specializes in professional piano moving services, boasting an expansive inventory of top-tier moving tools and equipment. We ensure safe and efficient

transportation for all varieties of pianos – from uprights to grands, digitals to traditional

players, as well as harpsichords and organs. Leveraging our extensive experience, we cater

to pianos of all types, sizes, and styles. The cost-effectiveness of our service depends on the specific size of the instrument, total mileage covered, and challenges like stairs. It's common

for customers to compare quotes and rates from local piano movers, and we're confident in

our competitive edge."

Both Companies offer piano moving, piano storage, or just hire piano movers, piano movers near me.

Expert Piano Moving Services

When choosing a piano moving company, key attributes to look for are:

  • Profound expertise in hardwood floor protection during moves.

  • State-of-the-art equipment specifically designed for pianos, from the case and lyre to the legs and bench.

  • Proven experience navigating diverse conditions, from extreme weather to challenging terrains like snow, rain, and uneven surfaces.

  • A team trained in using the best piano dollies with rubber wheels.

  • A strong foundation of credentials: insurance, licenses, and a wealth of positive customer testimonials.


Why Piano Moving World Stands Out

We're not just another piano moving service; we're an institution. We've successfully served both domestic and international clientele, with renowned collaborations like Amazon Prime, Piano Forte, and Chicago Public School acknowledging our excellence.

The Piano Moving World Difference

Our track record speaks volumes. But it's not just about moving pianos; it's about understanding the rhythm of the environment, predicting the weather challenges, and adjusting our techniques accordingly. Think of us as the maestros of the moving industry: always in tune, always ready. We’re as dynamic as a bustling hotel lobby, ensuring every client feels valued and prioritized.

Engage with our website for valuable moving insights, tips, and a deeper understanding of our services. Every contract is a symphony to us, and your trust is the crescendo.

Piano Storage | Near Me Piano Storage | We Offer Piano Storage

Piano Moving World | Piano storage | owned by the company | local piano movers.

Secure Storage Solutions for Your Precious Instruments

Renovating or relocating? Unsure where to safely store your delicate piano or organ?

Reach out to us – your specialists in Piano Storage Services. From the majestic concert

grand pianos weighing over 1300 pounds to those equipped with advanced player systems, we've got you covered. With deep expertise in moving both pianos and organs, we're attuned to the intricacies of transporting these prized instruments.

Our competitive rates are:

  • $50/week

  • $150/month


For a seamless process:

  • Payment for pickup and initial storage duration is required upfront.

  • We maintain card information securely on file. Kindly review our privacy notice for details.


Rest assured, our spacious storage facilities can safeguard thousands of beloved instruments, ensuring they await your return in pristine condition.

Easy Piano Storage Available | Piano Moving World's Piano Storage.

Expert Piano Storage Solutions: Safety and Excellence Combined

Searching for the best piano storage facility? Choose a destination renowned for top-tier

care and professional piano handling. When it comes to safeguarding your cherished

instrument, we recognize the importance of specialized care and precision.

Driven by client feedback and industry best practices, our team is always evolving.

Leveraging the latest storage techniques and maintaining the highest standards

of business practices, we ensure your piano remains in pristine condition. Whether you own

a grand, upright, or electronic piano, trust our expert piano storage services to deliver

peace of mind.

Read our piano storage, 5 star piano owners reviews on Google.

Piano Storage Excellence

  • Efficiently cataloged and managed pianos.

  • Full protection from water, heat, and environmental hazards.

  • Your piano's condition: unchanged from entry to exit.

  • Unlimited storage duration.


Terms, Conditions & Privacy Policy

In our piano storage, pianos are wrapped with legs and bench together, great way not to confuse customers items.

Premier Piano Storage Solutions: Preserve Your Legacy

In the midst of a home renovation, planning a seamless relocation, or after acquiring a

majestic new instrument, the need for reliable piano storage becomes paramount.

Safeguarding such a treasured asset, especially one that might echo memories of countless

family generations, is no small task.

Your piano isn't just an instrument; it's a tapestry of timeless melodies and family memories.

Why compromise on its care? With our expert storage services, ensure that your piano remains

in pristine condition, free from any potential harm or damage.

Trust in our established reputation for delivering excellence in piano care. Dial our dedicated

hotline at 847-907-1821 today.

Our legacy spans over numerous satisfied clients and intricate piano relocations. We pledge

to uphold the same gold standard of service you've come to expect from us.

How to get rid of a piano | Disposal Service | School System Chicago


For the fastest guaranteed price estimate for your piano removal, please text photos to (833) 742-

6687 or email We will be right with you!


Help on call? Removal for extremely gigantic or small unwanted piano.


No more adding calls to your history or calling piano donation centers we come asap | same day. Junk

removal piano technician coming hauling another person's trash may be another man's treasure.

When you think of piano disposal!

Remember how strenuously difficult it was to get your piano into your house? Surety removing it won’t be any less uncomplicated!

"That’s where you call us", at (833) PIANOUSA.

we come save your back. Pay us a cost no hiding fee just flat. Want it removed we do just that. Big or small, even square grands too, odd shaped & fat."

Garret Reximillian Reuter | PLAYING THE PIANO AT BOUGHT FROM OUR PIANO STORAGE | Chicago School

Chicago School System Needs | Professional Piano Movers

Have a baby grand that hasn’t been played in months, unwanted, not such a decoration anymore, or

maybe just “came with the agreement when buying your home”?

Maybe the fact may be, when you’re ready for disposal, "Piano Moving World's" piano movers can help!

Let our staff of skillful trained and fully certified crew navigate your heavy, bulky piano or organ out &

separate it from you and your home finally so you may have a peaceful mind. So, this challenge of to do

it yourself does not exist anymore because of our piano moving company.

Piano disposal | long distance piano movers | free estimates | reviews online | piano storage

We care for your delicate instruments | Peace of mind

if more than one free estimate for all. With a moving company who keeps you in tune from step to step,

arrival time, transporting to destination's thru gps eta. The business bureau rates piano moving

experience in every country based on their reliability and performance essentially. So, we strive as

humanly possible to comply to all the rules and regulations, for a moving company.

We’re aware of all ILLINOISLAND ’s challenges | old piano removal free estimate.

Uprights, organs, players, baby grands, or grand pianos, our junk removal services will eliminate a

broken piano or it's musical unwanted items. Basement or the attic, third floor or top level a haul

process beginning with details of its environment of its location. Customer's communicating in detail to

the company is important so we can inform our professionals. An execute a plan to bring to its desired

new home, while evidently removed with special care. Weather recycling or not we are determined to

the degree of our effort to repair its life or carry out disposal properly.


Our piano disposal services.

With an agreement local trash pick-up is disposed. Told an expecting us to do just that but intended

goal is also to keep the pianos and its industry alive. It plays major role in what we do, & without them

there is no intent for hire. So, keep in thought, the event of keeping your piano and repairing back to

good condition may happen. Challenging but possible donation in the event of your haul may have

intent for restoration to be to reuse by recycle.


With an agreement local trash pick-up is disposed. Told an expecting us to do just that but intended

goal is also to keep the pianos and its industry alive. It plays major role in what we do, & without them

there is no intent for hire. So, keep in thought, the event of keeping your piano and repairing back to

good condition may happen. Challenging but possible donation in the event of your haul may have

intent for restoration to be to reuse by recycle.

With imagination we believe this is possible

For that job to be done with its beauty in site. Wood, cast iron, steel wire strings brought back with room

for the instrument to be given to someone an create music with that. Space cleared by piano removal

service which heavy lifting, pickup time, exchange of money, has happen. Donating a lot our truck can

load, 1000's of pianos, second trips can be made. Cost may vary so does freshly made lemonade from

different stands.


Our stree-free piano removal specialists can have your old pianos out in not time.

  • Honest Quotes – No Hidden Fees!

  • Abundant service = Satisfaction –

  • All Labor Included | Same Day Services

Piano Moving World trailer full of pianos | Will Be used for as parts.

Piano Donations | Worldwide
Piano Moving World's Organization is dedicated to keeping the piano legacy around so we can all

benefit especially world nations, that closely bring congregation, for a specific purpose to stand

together. Our Piano donation organization serves DAPIP (Institutions and Programs) churches, art

centers, neighborhoods all over the world. In Illinois and its metropolitan area (census tract), where

wealth is not so common in large numbers to purchase a piano for the benefit of arts and crafts, beaux

arts, graphic arts, visual arts & many more.

Art of a child and piano.

Our goal as a professional piano services is to what?

Our piano moving company serves to bring enthusiasm and gratitude for voicing (pitch of a note) of a

piano forecasted to a crowd. Through amazing live concerts, festivals, competitions, education,

outreach, and public broadcasts.

We love what we do and will work hard to prove our goals to all. Oneday we hope we can service the

whole world and all piano owners. When your piano arrives in your home it brings us a lot of joy. Delicate

instruments can be play by all and we love to see children learn them.

Our goal as a professional piano services is to what?

By donating mild used, restored pianos, the organization provides information to the Afscme (American

Federation Of State Of State, County And Municipal Employees) & AFT (American Federation Of


Where ever customers wish them to go our long distance piano movers can help. Location can be to

dump or simply to a stage.


How, can we trust us? our experince.

Global Piano Store | Conglomerate Coming Soon

Looking to buy a piano for yourself or your family member?

We'll let us tell you a bit more about are organic store. Simply meaning we bring back originality, from

the way we present our display and transition in our movement to redefine the piano industry. We have

combined our organization to be a conglomerate, from Chicago to Lithuania, & across the world. Why

we adopted the slogan world behind piano moving and then world. Check out our vasa inventory, full of

the most precious pianos across the globe. Coming very soon.

Do you no longer use your piano and tired of its large bulkiness taking up space in your house. Let us

help you find a new owner for it? Or is piano storage a need? Just give us a call at 847-907-1821

Pianos for sale.

Employment | Great Piano Movers in USA

The team live an in Action | piano moved downtown chicago, il

At Piano Moving World, who provides equal employment opportunities and is always in search of piano

movers. Applicants must meet the following requirements:​

  • Capable of lifting heavy piano and carrying them up and down the stairs

  • Excellent team members and great at following instructions

  • Valid driver's license and experience driving a pick-up truck with a trailer.

  • Available for local and long-distance piano moves & storage.

Our piano mover receives pay daily. Pay is based on the number and complexity of pianos/organs

moved. If interested piano moving experience or not, call to receive employment information.

Topics & Questions | FAQ | Grand Pianos Tips

At a Chicago school bought all pianos seen in this photo.

How much does it cost moving pianos?

For a piano mover starting price for our in-house upright piano moves is $195 and $250 for grand pianos. A local or long-distance piano moving cost depends on the type of your piano, mileage, and stairs. A concert grand 8'11” to 9″ or bigger, 900 to 1400 pounds in weight, requires four or 5 guys or more.

Piano Moving World Working with Advanced Moving & Storage at their location Bensenville, IL.

Can regular movers move a piano?

If regular movers carry piano moving equipment and have a lot of experience in moving & transporting pianos, then the answer is yes. Otherwise, the answer is no. Typically, customers hire a professional piano mover to handle their instrument in addition to furniture movers when relocating. Because a transport of a piano or organ requires professionals who specialize in just that pacific subject. Piano movers do a better job compared to regular movers.

Old pianos, old organs all that can still play bring alot of joy.

 Is it worth moving an old piano?

Yes, a grand piano, upright & or organ in its location! Can be restored by a company, read reviews online they are beautiful. A piano can still hold an amazing value even if old or aged. If placed for sell, a buyer will reach out to piano movers and profit can be made. Moving pianos weather old or not, a piano moving company service can profit tending to them all. An old piano may be in storage covered in dust, could be sent for a polish. Free estimates for such pianos still produce numbers for a price for parts. If old enough or a unique model, a museum may call professional piano services so movers can transport. It really depends, if your old piano is a family heirloom carrying a sentimental value. Then the answer is yes, otherwise; it’s your personal decision.

Big heavy piano in our trailer ready for transport to piano storage.

What is the best way to move a heavy piano?

By calling piano professionals in that profession or occupation rather than as a pastime. Moving a grand piano or any piano or organ let say with a rubber wheel dolly or all-terrain. Moving pianos! weather heavy or not requires experience to be upright, posture techniques are important.

Upright piano can be directly set on a dolly and pushed onto a truck. Grand pianos have to be placed on a piano moving board before they go on a dolly and loaded onto the truck.

Specialized equipment can be very beneficial

Garret alongside a player piano concert grand bought to a school in Chicago, il

How much does it cost to move a player piano?

Player pianos are typically heavier than acoustic ones and require more manpower. Therefore, their moving cost will be typically $50-$200 higher depending on whether it’s an upright, grand piano, organ. Also, What the moving distance is, and how many stairs there are in total. A piano mover can also come to your location, which is your home, storage, business any and every where there is a piano move.

Grand piano with a player piano move | Piano ready to be moved to piano storage.

How much does it cost to move a small upright piano?

Our starting price for transporting a spinet room to room is $195 or $295 locally. Give us a phone call at 847-907-1821 today to learn what your piano moving cost will be.

Pianos or organs you can teach a child them all.

Can you move an upright piano without movers?

You can transport your upright piano on your own if you have a truck or a trailer, but you will need help to load it. To transport an upright from one room to another, just place some pads underneath your piano and push it to its new location. An upright piano in storage you may be able to use a storage provided cart. Piano moved, up or down stairs may require you to buy a piano board. Without movers, moving is possible with correct equipment, some study, strength, technique.

Piano or organs, we go up or down we specialize in them all.

Are pianos expensive to move?

Companies will tell you; it depends on multiple factors. Piano moving itself involves a few piano movers and or individuals. If movers relocate in same building prices achieve their lowest. To hire piano movers from classified ads site may charge low but risk factors are high. Moving pianos in theory; a piano price-tag can have significant value, important to protect that investment, buy paying more for professional piano movers.

Organs have such a wonderful sound | Bought back to customer from rebuild / storage services.

Is it OK to move a piano yourself?

Not recommended; A piano is a rather large, bulky item; needs more then yourself to levitate. For generations it can and has been done before. Without piano moving services might expect some damage, if not professional then. Typically, customers hire professional piano moving companies to transport their instrument for safety reasons. Piano movers, usually care insure & workers compensation in event possible, accident. An organ moving company is completely necessary to transport or service your storage needs services.

How much does it cost to move the piano?

For generations price tends to increase, vary & or adjust to current evolvement. It depends on multiple factors. A local or long-distance piano moving cost depends on the type of your piano, mileage, and stairs. The choice of piano movers & or piano storage selected; organs falling in this category as well. A professional piano may cost a lot due to their size, some our over 10 feet long.

Check straps for tighten and put screw back where pedals were | Piano donated to music feast.

Does it cost for piano storage or to store a concert?

Storage consists of a location which requires a monthly payment. Moving into piano storage or your storage a piano mover is needed which cost to avoid damage. Companies with piano storage and independent movers charge a price for any form of moving. A piano mover near me service such as "Piano Moving World" may do it for free if only; our third time clients. Piano storage can be free with you use your own place as resident as storage. Piano wheels cannot get them to storage, with an upright you learn rolling destroys the looks of them. Piano storage is a wonderful advantage of having for many reasons.

Wrapping up a grand piano | In city Of Chicago

How do you deliver a piano?

On a dolly for local or off a dolly for long distance; while in transport vehicle. Strapped to the wall with at least three 3000-pound heavy duty ratchet straps or tie downs. Companies usually deliver with a strategy, from point A to point B. Movers communicate with each other for safety & or protection. To Knowledge your location, informing by gps of arrive times to all co parties. Movers should have proper equipment for all unexpected events to which may for come. For companies or individuals, insurance is required, to better differ event of possibly damage of any occurrence.

 Today or tommorow check make sure strapped are fully tight when grand piano are tied down.

How do i remove grand piano legs?

By using a grand piano leg stand, by manually lifting a corner of the piano in the air placing under to prop in the air. When body is vertical flat on its side without lid or on a piano board only then can be removed. Piano legs usually have screws or bolts, even slip and slide, then tighten to clamp in place method.

Professionals specialize in removing leg with third leg remover & pedals for storage.

How to protect my wooden floors from piano damage?

By calling piano movers who have experience relocating pianos. By keeping the piano stationary in what know as caster cups. Moving equipment such as a rubber wheeled dolly can avoid damage to wooden floors.

A piano being taken for a tune services, as seen here is on the wood.

Benefit of prossional piano movers verse household movers?

Household movers usually do not have the equipment such as piano boards. Piano movers have experience & procedures in different situations on a daily. Moving pianos with proper protection aware of hardwood floors & damage grand piano wheels can have on the floor.

Really hard turn at the top of the stairs, as seen with our piano move. | Contact us.

Using a enclosed trailer instead of a moving truck for piano?

Transporting pianos up a low ramp of an enclosed trailer can improve the risk of damage. With household movers' a piano arrives and is rolled down a ramp with steep incline if snow or slippy problems can occur fairly quickly. A grand piano is large, bulky, tall, an upright can be 8 feet in height, a trailer can be custom for moving.

  • Ready to get moving? Get your free quote!

  • Finding & looking for organs service, just contact us!

  • We are equipped enough to move over a 100 pianos at once!

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