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Discover Top Zip Codes  with Piano Moving Companies

Are you a proud piano owner planning a move? Relocating a piano requires specialized knowledge, equipment, and expertise. In this blog post, we will explore the top piano moving companies and zip codes around the world with piano moving companies, their services, and how to choose the right one for your needs. Moreover, we will share valuable tips on preparing your piano for relocation and understanding the costs involved. So, let’s embark on this harmonious journey to ensure your prized instrument reaches its new destination safely and securely!


Key Takeaways

  • Explore the world’s top zip codes for global piano moving companies in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and South America.

  • Learn about expertise & experience of a professional mover, necessary equipment, insurance coverage & customer feedback when selecting one.

  • Understand complexities related to international piano moving such as customs regulations, shipping methods and required documentation.

Global Piano Moving Companies: Explore the World's Top Zip Codes

A team of professional piano movers transporting a grand piano ; decades of possibly benefit art

Discover the world’s most highly regarded local piano moving companies in various zip codes across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and South America. With renowned names like North American Van Lines, Piano Logistics, and Piano Movers International, you can have peace of mind knowing that your precious instrument is in expert hands.


We will now examine the leading piano moving companies in each region.


North America


In North America, some of the most respected piano moving companies include Piano Moving World LLC, Nebula Piano Network, and Corrigan Moving. These companies specialize in moving player pianos and have earned their reputation through years of experience and dedication to their craft.

One satisfied customer, Lucy H., praised Nebula Piano Network for their extensive coverage, saying, “I was pleasantly surprised to find that their coverage extends to my remote location. Truly extensive!”. With professional piano moving companies like these, your piano is in good hands, no matter where you’re located in North America.




Europe is home to several reputable piano moving companies, such as Purdie Worldwide, SDC Shipping, and Piano Logistics. These companies have earned their distinction by providing specialized services and experience in piano relocation across European zip codes.

Reliable piano movers in Europe should possess certifications such as Certified Piano Mover (CPM) and comply with Quality Service Standards. With extensive knowledge and proficiency in dealing with various types of pianos, European piano movers are known for their broad service area and ability to manage long-distance relocations.



The Asia-Pacific region features top-notch piano moving companies such as Piano Movers International, Yamato Transport, and Asian Tigers Mobility. These professionals are highly regarded for their expertise and experience in handling delicate instruments like pianos.

These companies use specialized equipment such as piano dollies and appropriate padding and protective materials for packaging to guarantee the safe transportation of pianos. Trusting your piano to these proficient movers in the Asia-Pacific region ensures a seamless relocation experience.


South America


Relocating a piano in South America may pose challenges, but with the assistance of proficient piano moving companies, your instrument’s safe and efficient relocation is guaranteed.

To assess the reputation of piano moving companies in South America, check customer reviews on platforms such as Yelp, BBB ratings and complaints, and review pages on company websites. With proper research and due diligence, you can find the best piano moving company to handle your instrument with care and professionalism in South America.

Choosing the Right Piano Moving Company for Your Needs

A team of professional piano movers with the necessary equipment to move a grand piano safely

In choosing the most suitable piano moving company, it’s necessary to take into account their expertise and experience, available equipment, insurance coverage, and customer feedback.


We will examine each of these factors in depth to aid your decision-making process, particularly for those considering options in San Diego.


Expertise and Experience


It’s beneficial to choose a piano moving company that possesses specialized skills and experience in piano handling. This guarantees that the instrument is handled with the utmost care and expertise. For example, Piano Moving World LLC specializes in expert piano handling and delicate piano care, using the right tools and equipment for the job.

Always opt for professional piano movers with a proven track record in piano moving to ensure your instrument’s safety.

Necessary Equipment


Selecting a piano moving company equipped with the necessary tools for safe piano relocation is paramount. This includes:

  • Piano dollies

  • Lifting and tying straps

  • Moving blankets

  • Padding

  • Ramps

  • Piano boards

  • Skids

Using the right tools helps guarantee that your piano is shifted safely and securely.

Insurance Coverage


Ensure that the piano moving company you choose to hire has sufficient insurance coverage to safeguard your valuable instrument. It’s essential to confirm that the moving company has the requisite insurance coverage and documentation.

This provides you with peace of mind knowing your piano is protected during the relocation process.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials


Investigating customer feedback and testimonials provides valuable insights into the reputation and dependability of a piano moving company. Platforms such as:

  • Sitejabber

  • Yelp

  • Google Reviews

  • Better Business Bureau


can provide valuable insights into the experiences of previous customers.


This information helps you make an informed decision when selecting a piano moving company.

Tips for Preparing Your Piano for Relocation

A person securing delicate parts of a piano before moving it

Suitable preparation of your piano for relocation is vital for a seamless moving process. This includes securing delicate parts, protecting the instrument, and communicating with the moving company.

We will delve into these tips with more detail.


Securing Delicate Parts


It’s important to securely fasten delicate piano parts prior to relocation. This may involve using moving blankets to protect the piano’s finish and internal components, as well as securing any loose parts with packing tape.

Taking these measures will ensure that your baby grand piano arrives at its destination in the best possible condition.

Protecting the Instrument


It’s imperative to safeguard your piano throughout the moving process. Wrapping the piano in blankets and securing it with straps helps prevent potential damage during storage and transit.

Proper protection of your grand piano will ensure its longevity and maintain its beautiful sound, just like it does for grand pianos in general.


Communication with the Moving Company

An image showing a world map with highlighted zip codes and a piano being moved by a professional moving company, catering to zip codes around the world with piano moving companies.

Maintaining open communication with your piano moving company is key for a successful move. Provide detailed information about the size, weight, and any special handling requirements of your piano. Discuss any concerns or specific instructions with the movers, such as avoiding certain routes or using specific equipment.


Open communication ensures that the movers are aware of the piano’s fragility and take the necessary steps to protect it during the move.

Understanding Piano Moving Costs

A person protecting a piano with a blanket before moving it

Variety of factors determine the cost of piano moving, including distance, piano size and type, location specifics, and extra services.

We’ll delve into these factors to provide a clearer understanding of the costs associated with piano moving.




The distance of the move significantly impacts the overall cost of piano relocation. Piano movers typically charge between $2.50 - $10 per mile. As the distance increases, the cost of the move will also increase. Additionally, gas prices in the area and the number of stairs involved can affect the pricing.

Size and Type of Piano


The size and type of your piano can affect the cost of moving. Generally, the bigger the piano, the higher the cost of relocation. For instance, moving an upright piano can cost between $150 and $2,500, depending on factors such as the distance, type of piano, and additional services necessary.

Location Factors


Factors such as stairs, narrow doorways, and tight spaces can impact the cost of piano moving. For example, piano movers typically charge additional fees for navigating stairs while transporting the piano. Considering these location factors will help you better estimate the cost of piano relocation.

Additional Services


Costs associated with additional services, such as piano storage and tuning, can also affect the total cost of piano moving. Be sure to inquire about these additional services and their costs to budget accordingly.

Piano Storage Solutions Around the World

A person communicating with a piano moving company to discuss the details of the move

Worldwide climate-controlled and secure storage facilities cater to your piano’s temporary or long-term storage needs, ensuring its protection and preservation.


We’ll discuss the features and advantages of these storage options.


Climate-Controlled Facilities


Climate-controlled storage facilities play a key role in preserving your piano’s integrity. These facilities ensure stable temperature and humidity levels, preventing potential damage to the wood, strings, and overall structure of the instrument.

By selecting a climate-controlled facility, your piano will remain in peak condition throughout its storage period.

Secure Storage Solutions


To safeguard your piano when not in use, secure storage solutions are paramount. These facilities typically feature:

  • Climate control

  • 24/7 security monitoring

  • A dust-free environment

  • Advanced security systems like surveillance cameras and alarms.


By choosing a secure storage facility, you can have peace of mind knowing your valuable instrument is well-protected.


International Piano Moving: What You Need to Know


Cross-border piano relocation poses complexities that require familiarity with customs regulations, shipping methods, and required documentation.


We will examine these aspects in depth to aid your preparation for an international piano move, including finding resources for piano online.


Customs Regulations


When moving a piano internationally, it’s essential to take into account the customs regulations that may apply. This may include:

  • Duties that must be paid upon arrival

  • Providing evidence of the piano’s use abroad for a specified period of time

  • Obtaining permits or certificates for the import or export of the piano


Be sure to research and comply with the specific regulations of the countries involved in your move.


Shipping Methods


A range of shipping options exists for international piano moving, including:

  • Sea freight

  • Air freight

  • Land transportation

  • Specialized piano movers


Each method has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s essential to consider factors such as the size of your piano, destination country, and desired level of service when selecting the optimal shipping method.


Necessary Documentation


When relocating a piano internationally, you’ll need to provide pertinent documentation, such as exporting and importing forms, documents to assess the value of the piano, and any customs documentation required. Ensuring you have all the necessary paperwork in order will help to facilitate a smooth and successful international piano move.




In conclusion, moving a piano requires specialized expertise, proper equipment, and attention to detail. By carefully selecting a reputable piano moving company, preparing your piano for relocation, understanding the costs involved, and considering storage solutions and international moving requirements, you can ensure the safe and successful transportation of your cherished instrument. May your piano continue to provide beautiful music in its new home!


Frequently Asked Questions


How do I ship a piano internationally?


For smaller, non-fragile instruments, regular couriers like FedEx and UPS can be used to ship your piano internationally. For larger or more fragile instruments, it's best to take advantage of a freight service.


How much does it cost to move a piano from Canada to us?


The cost to move a piano from Canada to the US is typically $200-$400, plus an extra fee for a long-distance move. Additional charges may apply depending on the size and weight of the piano.

What is the cheapest way to move a piano?


The cheapest way to move a piano is by dismantling and crating upright pianos and wrapping them securely before using a skid board or dolly to transport them. An alternative option is to do it yourself with the help of a few friends, but you may need to rent or purchase equipment like heavy-duty straps, a dolly or piano board, a harness for lifting, furniture padding, and a trailer or truck.

Why is piano moving so expensive?


Piano moving is expensive due to the size and weight of the piano, the potential obstacles such as steps or corners, and the special skills and equipment required for safe transport. All of these factors contribute to the cost of professional piano moving services.


What factors should I consider when choosing a piano moving company?


When choosing a piano moving company, take into account their expertise and experience, necessary equipment, insurance coverage, and customer reviews and testimonials to ensure you're making the best choice.

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